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Trainer: Kareem Valbandun​
6 Tuts


Learn the basics and a bit beyond, building on your development skills.
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Trainer: Diana Wellington​
12 Tuts


Learn how to be successful and disciplined and become high-demand.
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Become a Guitar Hero

Trainer: Johnny Flatbeds

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React/Headless WP

Trainer: Donnie Brasco

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So, I offer these tutorials for free in the hope that I get a few donations. If you donate, I will list your site on my sponsors page. 


Affordable donater
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You are a predator
You know what you want
100 - 999 Anytime
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  • Training of new users
crème de la crème


Starting to show off
26-99 Anytime
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Brad Square Real

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All of our instructors are experts in their fields of expertise and great in transferring their knowledge at this point in time, I am the only content creator. So you will see me 4 times. No you are not high nor drunk. (I think)

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